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Amaysie is the Italian idea of cosmetics, carved out of excellence:
cutting-edge products taking care of people and of their emotions, too.

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We aim at spreading radiant beauty all over the world: an ethical and sustainable attractiveness born of taking care of ourselves, only to do the same with the others and our planet, too.
We want to do this in order to make people happier and to help them satisfy their need for gratification, acceptance and belonging.


Respect for ourselves, respect for the others, respect for the environment
To love our skin and to take care of it day after day, in order to keep it young and radiant, thanks to the products and beauty gestures that it requires: this is our idea of cosmetics. An idea that also reflects in taking care of ourselves in general, by adopting a healthy lifestyle: thus, the respect for ourselves will turn into the respect for the others and for the surrounding environment, too.

Innovation and excellence to generate value
Constant commitment and scientific research lead to excellence: to us, it means to create increasingly effective products and exciting purchasing experiences. Moreover, to us “excellence” also implies to believe in corporate social responsibility and to promote social and economic development, in order to generate shared value.

Knowledge lights up our path
The knowledge of skin, of products, of beauty routines, but also of people’s needs and desires: we aim at sharing our experience with our clients, by guiding them along a path of deeper understanding, in order to enable them to become the makers of their own beauty.

We’re eager to donate dreams and emotions: people who feel beautiful are more comfortable with themselves and with the others, too. Our products’ formulas, the unique experience of visiting our showrooms, the diverse social and cultural initiatives we foster are all projected with one goal: that of making people happier.



Galleria Cavour



Via Bologna 119



Via Dominutti 20,
Verona, Italy