Velvet Glow Autumn


Intensive Anti-Age Mask

From the dawn of time, the spirit of Nature. From the love of research, the discoveries of science. Tradition and innovation combine in the intensive anti-age mask, to give your skin extraordinarily regenerating, restructuring and anti-oxidant effects.

Precious Anti-age Serum

A concentrate of hydration and a blend of factors that help fight ageing of the skin are the recipe for the Precious Anti-age Serum, suffusing your face with timeless beauty. Your skin’s look will glow with new strength and smoothness, thanks to a luxury treatment that defeats the weakness of time.

Luxury Anti-age Cream

A rich texture, a perfume of oriental fragrance, the perfect weapon against weakness blends with the skin of your face into a voluptuous embrace, to give you a timeless beauty. Let yourself be pampered by the Luxury Anti-age Cream’s exclusive formula, combining the secrets of Nature with the most effective scientific developments, for a truly rejuvenated skin.